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Document Translation for Chinese Language

A certified Document translation for Chinese language is one which satisfies the requirement laid down by the authorized body of the country in question, so that it can be used for in Government offices and the Chinese language translator or Chinese language Translation agency accepting responsibility for its accuracy and authenticity and it should Certified Chinese translation meet all the compliances and standard guidelines whereas as normal translation is just a translation.

What all documents needs certified translation?

· Birth certificate translation

· Immigration document translation

· Educational document translation

· Marriage certificate translation

· Police clearance certificate translation

· Company document translation

· Legal document translation

· Any documents which need to submit any government agency

What all needs to check in certified translation?

A certified Chinese translation is a document translation accompanied by a signed & sealed statement called COA (certificate of authentication) confirming that the translation is accurate and complete as per the original document. Certified chinese translation is needed when a candidate is supposed to submit his or her translated documents for any official reasons to any foreign office or Chinese embassy while applying for Chinese visa for the purpose of immigration to China or for admission in Chinese colleges etc.

Certified translation consists of 4 parts.

1. Print out of original document

2. Print of translation

3. Notarization stamp on each & every page of translated document.

4. Certificate of Authentication (COA)

The original document must be translated directly in its entirety. Any and every text need to be translated in to chinese whether it is signature, symbol, stamp and seal.

The Chinese language translator must put the parts in the original that are not clear with “not legible”.

The certified chinese translation must maintain the same format as of original document, that means it should visually match the appearance of the original document.

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